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Friday, July 16, 2004

Bush plans to steal the 2004 election

In 2000 Bush stole the election from Al Gore in Florida.

Now I have heard rumors that the election might be postponed!!!. Not again GW! So Bush , Karl Rove and company will do everything they can to steal the 2004 elections. They are going to pull every trick in the book. I think as last resort they will try to win the election by tempering with the electronic voting machines. Watch out people. I think they are getting desperate because they are going down in the polls at the present moment.

If Bush wins again, I will give 2 or 3 years for America to go broke. If that happens US will become another banana republic. The problem is the huge budget deficit: right now it is about half trillion dollars. So we are borrowing like 2 or 3 billion a day from overseas. (China, Japan, etc). Bush's tax cuts in a war time is killing US. If the countries that are lending money to the US pull their rug. The US will land pretty bad. As a result the dollar will be devaluated, inflation will become high, interests rate will skyrocket. The healthcare/medicare and social security will almost disintegrate. The public services will be reduced with less police, less teachers. So the immediate solution is to vote for John Kerry in November/04.

I agree more with Ralph Nader policies than John Kerry, but voting for Ralph Nader will waste votes and windup helping Bush. So let's recruit more people to vote in November!!!!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Help send Bush back to Crawford - Part II (Tax cuts for the rich)

The present tax code is bad as it is, and with the help of Bush it got worse for the middle class and terrible for the poor class (making less than $30k/yr).

In my opinion individual or families making a maximum income of $30k/yr should not pay income tax.

The Bush tax cut was made to help Bush's friends: the big corporations and the people making above $200k/yr, which will receive a big tax break. The middle class got a little break, and the poor class got none.

The present tax code is very unfair. Last year I received about$1,300/month as unemployed. My annual income was $15k. Guess what: i had to pay taxes!!!

Let's do a favor for the american working class (including single parents specially single woman parents), middle class and senior citizens and join me in November 2, 2004 to show George W Bush the door.

Let's vote for Kerry and Edwards.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Bush administration record, part I (job losses)

job losses

During President Bush's first threee years the country has lost approximatelly 2.5 million jobs.

The job loss situation has not improved, specially here in the "Silicon Valley" (Bay Area, CA)where for example IT (Information Technology ) and computer realted jobs have lost approximatelly half million jobs in the last three years due to the fiasco (internet debacle), job losses due to IT outsourcing (US companies and some government agencies) sending jobs overseas, to places like India, China, Russia, and others, where the salaries are lower than here.

Message of the day:

I recommend everybody to see "Farenheit 9/11"

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Bush economy plan still lacking job creation

Bush is saying good things about the economy. This is simply not true.

Bush 4 years presidential term has lost 2.5 million jobs!!!!!

Most of the 120,000 jobs that the administration claims it was created last June, are low paying jobs.

I have been in touch with the IT area in the San Francisco Bay area which unemployment easily reachs about 8%. The IT sector is pretty much dead, with most of the jobs beeing outsourced to India, China, Russia, etc. I am an IT engineer myself unemployed for two years.

Let's try to recruit people to register to vote in the 2004 November election. Let's outsource Bush back to Crawford, texas where he belongs.