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Friday, July 16, 2004

Bush plans to steal the 2004 election

In 2000 Bush stole the election from Al Gore in Florida.

Now I have heard rumors that the election might be postponed!!!. Not again GW! So Bush , Karl Rove and company will do everything they can to steal the 2004 elections. They are going to pull every trick in the book. I think as last resort they will try to win the election by tempering with the electronic voting machines. Watch out people. I think they are getting desperate because they are going down in the polls at the present moment.

If Bush wins again, I will give 2 or 3 years for America to go broke. If that happens US will become another banana republic. The problem is the huge budget deficit: right now it is about half trillion dollars. So we are borrowing like 2 or 3 billion a day from overseas. (China, Japan, etc). Bush's tax cuts in a war time is killing US. If the countries that are lending money to the US pull their rug. The US will land pretty bad. As a result the dollar will be devaluated, inflation will become high, interests rate will skyrocket. The healthcare/medicare and social security will almost disintegrate. The public services will be reduced with less police, less teachers. So the immediate solution is to vote for John Kerry in November/04.

I agree more with Ralph Nader policies than John Kerry, but voting for Ralph Nader will waste votes and windup helping Bush. So let's recruit more people to vote in November!!!!

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