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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Help send Bush back to Crawford - Part II (Tax cuts for the rich)

The present tax code is bad as it is, and with the help of Bush it got worse for the middle class and terrible for the poor class (making less than $30k/yr).

In my opinion individual or families making a maximum income of $30k/yr should not pay income tax.

The Bush tax cut was made to help Bush's friends: the big corporations and the people making above $200k/yr, which will receive a big tax break. The middle class got a little break, and the poor class got none.

The present tax code is very unfair. Last year I received about$1,300/month as unemployed. My annual income was $15k. Guess what: i had to pay taxes!!!

Let's do a favor for the american working class (including single parents specially single woman parents), middle class and senior citizens and join me in November 2, 2004 to show George W Bush the door.

Let's vote for Kerry and Edwards.

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