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Monday, October 18, 2004

Sinclair documentary about Kerry

I am against Sinclair's showing of a "documentary" about Kerry's swift boat in Vietnan.

Sinclair owns about 68 TV stations mianly in the batlle-ground states which represents about 25% of the people who watches tv. This is not fair for Kerry's campain. This is the problem when one person owns a conglomerate. So all major networks advertise for Bush's gang.

Look at the major networks ownerships:

  • CBS is owned by Viacom group
  • ABC is owned by the Disney's group (including Saudi Arabia's who are Bushes' budies).
  • NBC is owned by General Electric.
  • FOX is ownwd by the Bill Murdoch.
If you want help stop Sinclair's group showing this movie:

Contact one of Sinclair's advertisers in your area

Unless they agree in showing the documentary : "Farenheit 911" from Michael Moore in an equal time.

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