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Saturday, March 12, 2005

bankaruptcy Reform

Dear Senator,

I am very disappointed with the Democratic senators like you who vote for the “Bankruptcy Reform”. I know that you guys need money for your campaigns, therefore you took money from the credit card companies like MBNA, etc. It is a shame on what is happening in this country:

Bush and the “Neocons” with the help of Democrats are after all the poor people, minority, single mothers, elderly, etc. Bush is cutting all kinds of Social programs in his budget proposal, trying to dismantle Social-Security, doing nothing about Medicare, Health Insurance (About 45 million Americans do not have it). All the Bush wants is to please the big companies. Gas price is hitting record highs. The oil companies hah record profits last year.

I think we should have another party that stands for the people.


John Kard

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