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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Congress should fire Tom Delay

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April 6, 2005
Congress Should Fire Tom Delay

By Baiano

Congress is waisting time with Schiavo related issues, and not doing its job like to fire the Republican Majority Leader of the House Tom Delay.

The news are there about Tom Delay fund raising scandals involving receiving money from a indian tribe in Texas to oil deals involving Russia, South Korea and even the Taliban (Representatives from Taliban met with Tom Delay in SugarLand, Texas).

Tom Delay and the Bush family crime syndicate do not care about the American people. While the big oil companies are having record profit year we are paying about $2.65 minimum here in California. There are 50 million people without health insurance. The education system is getting worse by the day. The record debt is sinking the dollar and causing the interest rates to start climbing.

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