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Bush is World"s #1 Terrorist

Monday, October 17, 2005

Impeach Bush !!!

Bush and his crime family, needs to be impeached for the crimes he has committed against US citizens and in Afganistan and Iraq.

Bush hates the poor average american! Bush and his cronies are thieves and murderers.

Bush only care about the big companies in America.

Bush's crime family is in trouble:

Karl Rove/Dick Cheney/George Bush are involved in the Valery Plain CIA agent!

Tom Delay/Bill Frist are been convicted.

Iraq: Bush's objective is to install bases and steal all the oil from Iraq!!

Never an American President was so corrupt like Bush.

Bush's contributions to the American people:

-Stole 2 elections.

- Changed the Bankruptcy law to favor the credit card companies.

- Changed the Medicare Bill making it worse.

- Tried to destroy the Social-Security program.

- Helped the Oil companies to rip the american people by raising oil to $3/gal and above.

- Nominate the warmonger John Bolton as UN Ambassador

- Nominate the murderer John Negroponte
to oversee the spying programs.

- Killed more than 2,000 youn americans in Iraq. Killed a lot of poor people in New Orleans.

- Nominate his buddies for top positions in yhe goverment.

- Is sinking US's economy: Amost 1 trillion dollars deficit. Amost 100 billion trade deficit.

- Bus is cuting all social federal programs.

- Giving tax breaks for the 2% of rich americans.

Is this enough for an impeachment !!!

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