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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Under the Bush Crime Family

Under the Bush Crime Family:

Amnesty International ranked US the top torturer country in the world. US leads the world in committing acts of torture, curbing civil rights, killer of innocent people, etc.

Another day I was watching a film named "Pra frente Brasil". This movie was filmed in the seventies. The movie was about the military ditatorship that ruled Brazil for about twenty years. The movie showed how a innocent family was distroyed by the military special forces.

This special force use to get money from the corporations to get funded, and it's speciality was to torture and kill the so called guerrilas or terrorists (which were patriots whose only fault was to be
against the ditatorship).

I was shocked when in one of the meetings betwween the businessmen and the special force, the guy who was teaching torture was no other than a CIA guy.

So this US torture in Iraq, Afghan and in Guantanamo is nothing new. US is exporting torture for more than 40 years to his ditactors friend.

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