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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bush is Nuts !!!

The Delusions Never End Hotlist

Thu May 31, 2007 at 11:54:38 AM PDT

The Bobbsey twins of Bush Boosterism, Ignatius and Broder, both weigh in today with pat-on-the-head assurances that the Republicans are surely going to see the light by, oh, say the end of the summer, maybe September? and lead us out of Iraq.

Ignatius assures us that it's the Bush administration itself that recognizes the need to change course:

President Bush said publicly last Thursday what his top aides have been discussing privately for weeks. He talked about a transition to "a different configuration" in Iraq after the surge of U.S. troops is completed this summer.... On the domestic political front, White House officials realized that last week's victory in passing a war-funding bill could be short-lived. Funding would run out again at the end of September, and there were growing signs that Republicans would join Democrats in calling for a troop withdrawal.

while Broder thinks

[J]ust below the surface, the GOP ground is beginning to shift. Few if any Republicans want to go into the election with 150,000 American troops still under attack in Iraq. Mitch McConnell, the supremely realistic Senate Republican leader, told reporters that "the handwriting is on the wall that we are going in a different direction in the fall, and I expect the president to lead it."

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "pony league." For six long years, reasonable people have been believing that reasonable Republicans would recognize that Bush was leading them down a path to disaster, and would turn on the president in numbers large enough to accomplish something. You need only look at the blood-thirsty bunch of torture proponents and escalation hounds running for the GOP presidential ticket to see the folly in that.

But if that isn't enough to convince you, consider Bush's stated intentions for Iraq:

President Bush envisions a long-term U.S. troop presence in Iraq similar to the one in South Korea where American forces have helped keep an uneasy peace for more than 50 years, the White House said Wednesday.

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