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Monday, April 25, 2005

Tom DeLay and the House of Scandals

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How DeLay's House of Scandal Hurts You

To put it plainly, DeLay's Republican Congress doesn't care about you. Their major legislation appears to be little more than a quid pro quo with huge special interests -- with cynical indifference to the problems facing middle class Americans. As health care costs have continued to skyrocket, Republicans passed legislation that provided almost $140 billion in windfall profits for their donors in the pharmaceutical industry, while making it explicitly illegal for the federal government to bargain for lower prices and preventing ordinary seniors from importing FDA approved drugs from Canada at a lower cost. As millions of Americans lost their jobs in the Bush/ DeLay economy, House Republicans gave away billions in taxpayer money to special interests like Enron. As millions more Americans struggled to make ends meet, Republicans cut the right to overtime pay for countless workers.

On this comprehensive page, see key statistics on the Republican middle class squeeze, how DeLay's scandals play into all of it, as well as a summary of the four biggest Republican bills passed over the last two years.

Issues: Gas Prices; The Uninsured; Health Care Premiums; Prescription Drug Costs; Education; Veterans; Social Security; National Debt

Legislation: Medicare; Spending; Energy; Corporate Taxes; "Stimulus Proposal"

BALLOONING GAS PRICES: Under the DeLay Congress, gas prices have doubled in just the past ten years according to the Department of Energy. Over the course of that time, Republicans have taken more than $100 million from oil and gas companies and DeLay and his cronies have done nothing to keep gas prices down. As middle class families pay more and more at the pump, the DeLay Republicans take more and more for their campaign coffers.

# Which DeLay Scandals Factor In?: TRMPAC Indictments: Energy companies like Enron and Westar were key corporate funders of DeLay's PAC, which according to the AP, "routinely solicited donations by identifying legislative actions that prospective givers wanted." We know what Enron did to California consumers, what was DeLay offering when he asked them for $100,000?
# Westar Ethics Admonishment: This admonishment focused on DeLay's attendance at an Energy industry golf tournament, which was followed by the insertion of language desired by Westar, one of the companies involved. Is this how GOP energy policy is formulated?

THE UNINSURED: Under Republican rule, the number of uninsured in America has risen dramatically. According to the most recent figures, the number of non-elderly uninsured Americans has gone from 39.6 million in 2000 to 44.7 million in 2003.

Which DeLay Scandals Factor In?:

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